The Fleet Street
Vehicle Remarketing Solution

We know that Remarketing your Fleet Vehicles can be an overwhelming process. We have 30+ years of experience and knowledge to sell your off-lease and/or owned inventory by using a spectrum of wholesale and retail channels reaching all corners of the globe and simplifying your involvement in the entire process.

We are YOUR Solutions Provider!!

Why Fleet Street Remarketing

Fleet Street will design a remarketing solution that is completely customized to your fleet size and makeup. Our dedicated staff is motivated to sell your fleet inventory by finding the right buyers and maximizing returns for you!

Customized Solutions

Our in-house IT department and cutting-edge technologies allow us to create comprehensive solutions quickly and effectively for your company.

We listen. We understand. We solve. We build. You enjoy the benefits of a truly customized solution!

Global Reach

Fleet Street Remarketing performs extensive market research, ensuring your vehicles are exposed to the right buyers globally.

Our sales force is motivated to finding you the most returns for your inventory.

Problems - Solved

Let us turn your problems into solutions!

From difficult pick-up locations to unique inventory, acquired assets or title problems, if it is part of your fleet and it needs to go, we will find a buyer for it and get it off your books!

Award Winning Results

Our award winning Employee Purchase Program offers your employees a comprehensive buying experience and outstanding customer service.

The result: greater participation and better results for your company!

Our Process

Remarketing a vehicle is easy. Profiling a vehicle to find the optimal marketplace is intelligent!










Additional Services


Need a vehicle moved from one location to another? No problem!

We have an extensive network of transporters that will pick-up and deliver your fleet vehicles from anywhere in the country. These transporters are fully licensed and insured and your vehicles are always hauled never driven.

Title Work

Missing vehicle title? No problem!

Need title information corrected? No problem!

Fleet Street's administrative staff are knowledgeable and eager to help with any vehicle title problems your company may have.


Fleet Street ensures that all vehicles are properly de-identified. Pictures of the vehicles are taken before and after the process.

Fleet Street will not send a title to our buyer without proof that the proper de-identification has been completed.